Find the best talent for the delivery of your venture

When the discovery and testing of ventures are solved at scale, delivery talent becomes the bottleneck. We take care of that.

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Built by U+ with 14 years of trusted experience, relied upon by:

T-MobileGMOCiscoNRG EnergyMaan

No blockers to go and execute any of the validated ideas

After the solution has been market tested and the decision has been taken to execute, FifthRow can find exactly the right people with the right skill set to do it successfully.

60,000Network of experts to be interviewed or hired
1:1Venture → Team
GlobalOur talent pool is global and with know-how in any industry

Execution Reimagined

Seamless Delivery Team Matching

Teams of skilled professionals are matched to each venture, ensuring a swift and efficient start to project execution.

Targeted Expert Interviews

Direct matching of experts to AI-generated solutions, facilitating in-depth interviews for comprehensive insight and guidance.

Global Talent Pool

Leverage worldwide talent for unparalleled insights and skills in any industry, enhancing your venture's global potential.

Automated Market Research in 30 mins

Research AI

All of the market intelligence on any space, at scale

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“Having worked in Corporate Innovation, Strategy, & Investments over the years, FifthRow platform is a godsend for early investigative work. I have used the platform myself and it's fantastic!”Kartikay Chaudhry – Senior Manager for New Ventures, QCells

Ready to supercharge your innovation?

GenAI Innovation Operations platform, for research, discovery,validation and market testing of ventures built on 14 years of experience.

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