Landing Page Smoke Tests ready in 30s

Smoke testing or enablement of customer interviews at scale delivering user feedback in days instead of months.

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Built by U+ with 14 years of trusted experience, relied upon by:

T-MobileGMOCiscoNRG EnergyMaan

Faster data-driven decisions with instant venture tests

Real market feedback from real users via AI-generated landing pages (B2C) or decks (B2B) for AI-generated solutions.

1 dayFrom exploring a space to testing with real people
30Possible test sites up in the first day
100xFaster than traditional smoke testing teams

Empowerment through Insights

For both, B2C & B2B

Optimized for B2C and B2B: B2C favors smoke testing with landing pages, while pitch decks and customer interviews are more suitable for B2B.

Business Case Creation

Automated feature exploration and packaging for testing based on research, simulations, and white-space analysis.

Multivariate Multigenerational testing

AI-driven creation of varied microsites to test and adjust value propositions based on campaign outcomes and market analysis.

No risk to current brand

Testing conducted anonymously, without using existing corporate branding, for unbiased microsite and pitch deck evaluations.

Human Check & Ad Setup

Human review of AI-created landing pages and specialist-managed ad setup and monitoring, ensuring precision beyond AI capabilities.

Expert Interviews

Experts are automatically matched from a database of 60,000 people based on their prior experience and the venture space.

Automated Talent Matching

Talent Matching AI

Find the best talent for the delivery of your venture.

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“Having worked in Corporate Innovation, Strategy, & Investments over the years, FifthRow platform is a godsend for early investigative work. I have used the platform myself and it's fantastic!”Kartikay Chaudhry – Senior Manager for New Ventures, QCells

Ready to supercharge your innovation?

GenAI Innovation Operations platform, for research, discovery,validation and market testing of ventures built on 14 years of experience.

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