Automate any Business Process

Define advanced AI Agents that perform business flows using online data or are grounded in a FifthRow project.

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Built by U+ with 14 years of trusted experience, relied upon by:

T-MobileGMOCiscoNRG EnergyMaan

Flows in any industry for any use case

Market Research

SWOT Analysis

Customer Segmentation

Regulatory Landscape Analysis

Most prominent startups in a space

Strategic Foresight

Scenario planning

Environmental Scanning


Visioning exercise

Ideation & Discovery

Generate HMW Statement

Whitespace Identification

Create Personas

Find Competitors

Innovation Management

Business Model Canvas

TAM/SAM/SOM Estimation

Pitch Deck Generation

Interview Script Generation

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Ready to supercharge your innovation?

GenAI Innovation Operations platform, for research, discovery,validation and market testing of ventures built on 14 years of experience.

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