Our Purpose

Increasing the ROI of Innovation

We have spent 14 years building a professional services organization and help launch over 120 ventures around the world. We have seen the common thread in making innovation stick in large organizations and the need for consultants to come in and prop traction up. This ended in May 2023 with the launch of our platform focused on automating Research, Discovery, Validation and Testing of new innovations by 100x.

U+ is founded

U+ was founded as a vessel for learning about internet technologies and deliver innovation to customers.

Research & Discovery

Automation of our Concept Creation Sprint process that took 3 months. It now takes an hour.

Market Testing Beta

Automated generation of landing pages based on research insights. First signups on an AI-generated microsite for an AI-generated venture.

Web Interface & Discovery Store

Integration of the whole platform into a accessible interface with availability of proprietary industry research and ventures.

The story of FifthRow, a groundbreaking moment for AI

In 2016 AlphaGo placed a Go stone on the fifth row of the board in the 37th move of the game. A counterintuitive play that stunned onlookers and led to the defeat of a legendary Go player.

It demonstrated strategic creativity and ingenuity nobody predicted.

Our motivation is to increase the ROI of the Innovation using AI and 14 years of professional services experience.

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