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Accelerators / Incubators vs. FifthRow

AI-Copilot for your InnovationOps without 3rd parties.

Key DifferencesManagement ConsultingFifthRow
Venture SelectionBased on Accelerator's networkAll startups anywhere in the world on-demand
Program CustomizabilityCohort-based programsOn-demand whitespace analysis and venture search
Build-buy-partner viewOnly buy-partnerHolistic build-buy-partner 100x faster
Company selectionWhoever signs upAll possible solutions identified and invited at scale
Crosspolination of ideasDiscovery AI remixing all possible ideas with public and private sources
Fees$100,000s+10x cheaper
TimelinesMonths100x faster

InnovationOps Platform

Innovation Operations Reimagined

Research AI

Explore any opportunity space, discover trends, challenges...

Discovery AI

Get viable, testable ventures based on public and private data.

Market Testing AI

Smoke testing at scale delivering market signals in a matter of days.

Talent Matching AI

Find the best talent for delivery of your venture.

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Innovation professionals already living in the future

“FifthRow will drive an efficiency differentiation for our venture studio, and for each of our portfolio companies, working smarter and increasing output.”

Garrett Viggers
Zoë Foundry

“FifthRow has upped the ante by turning venture studio into an AI-powered process. This will forever change the game.”

Esther Eller
frmr Techstars Studio Director

“Having worked in Corporate Innovation, Strategy, & Investments over the years, FifthRow platform is a godsend for early investigative work. I have used the platform myself and it's fantastic!”

Kartikay Chaudhry
Senior Manager for New Ventures, QCells

Ready to supercharge your Innovation Operations?

FifthRow is the best enterprise-level AI Copilot for your innovation operations.

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