Automated Design Thinking

Venture Ideation, Ranking, Simulation & Enrichment – get viable, testable new business ventures based on public and private data.

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Built by U+ with 14 years of trusted experience, relied upon by:

T-MobileGMOCiscoNRG EnergyMaan

Venture Ideation in any space within 30 minutes

FifthRow uses 14 different ideation methods and freely combines them to come up with viable solutions in market whitespaces. Solutions can include new ventures, services, products, or even product features.

5xLarger Idea Funnel than without AI
2xMore Selective than without AI

Precision in Pioneering

Relevant Ideas

Utilizing 14 ideation methods, such as Design Thinking and Google Ventures Design Sprint, for market-research-based ventures.

Ranking on market viability & company alignment

Ventures ranked on market size, growth, and alignment with company strategy and assets.

Any industry, B2B or B2C, technical or non-technical

Applicable across all industries, for both B2B and B2C sectors, and suitable for technical or non-technical fields.

In-Depth Solution Insights

Selected ventures include detailed strategies, justifications, features, positioning, and differentiation.

Whitespace analysis

Evaluating solutions through whitespace analysis, matching value propositions with company capabilities and market potential.

Expert Matching

Automatically pairs solutions with industry experts from our 60,000+ network for interviews or build assistance.

Market Test Solutions at Scale

Market Testing AI

Smoke testing at scale delivering market signals in days.

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“Having worked in Corporate Innovation, Strategy, & Investments over the years, FifthRow platform is a godsend for early investigative work. I have used the platform myself and it's fantastic!”Kartikay Chaudhry – Senior Manager for New Ventures, QCells

Ready to supercharge your innovation?

GenAI Innovation Operations platform, for research, discovery,validation and market testing of ventures built on 14 years of experience.

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