Sustainable Food Education

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01 - Sustainable Food Education

Seed to Science - Sustainable Agriculture Research Incubator

Seed to Science is a research incubator focused on closing the research gaps in sustainable agriculture. It connects scientists with industry players to foster innovation in sustainable food production, packaging, and waste management.

02 - Sustainable Food Education

Sustainable Ingredient B2B Marketplace

An online B2B marketplace for restaurants and food businesses to source sustainable ingredients directly from producers.

03 - Sustainable Food Education

GreenPlate - Affordable Organic Meal Kits

GreenPlate offers meal kits using sustainable, organic ingredients at competitive prices. By streamlining the supply chain and partnering with local farmers, GreenPlate makes sustainable food more accessible to price-sensitive consumers.

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This report delves into consumer education around sustainable food habits, including: awareness, navigating misinformation and accessibility. Market research indicates increasing momentum across both demand and supply side for more climate conscious options along all steps of the food chain; from what we eat to how it’s produced, stored and handled at the end of its life. Growing interest is met with challenges related to market concentration, traceability and financials, but government regulations are working to standardize sustainability into food production. Solutions are provided for opportunities in the space, developed through different ideation methods and validated using AI customer simulations, offering stakeholders strategic insights to navigate and capitalize on these evolving market dynamics.


  • 01The primary audience includes environmentally conscious consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z, who are already inclined towards sustainable practices. Additionally, parents interested in healthier food options for their children and educators seeking to incorporate sustainability into their curriculum can benefit from these solutions.

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