Food Waste Tech for SMEs

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30 Solutions Discovered including:

01 - Food Waste Tech for SMEs

ClearOut Clearance Marketplace

An online marketplace for restaurants and grocery stores to offer discounted food items that are nearing expiration to bargain-seeking consumers, reducing waste and recovering costs.

02 - Food Waste Tech for SMEs

EcoPlate Dynamic Pricing Engine

A dynamic pricing engine for restaurants and grocery stores that adjusts prices based on inventory levels and expiration dates to incentivize the purchase of items that would otherwise go to waste.

03 - Food Waste Tech for SMEs

Harvest Helper for Producers

A platform specifically designed for small to medium food producers that forecasts crop yields, helps manage harvests, and connects producers with local markets and food sharing networks to ensure minimal waste.

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This report examines the intersection of technology and sustainability within the food and beverage sector, specifically focusing on food waste reduction for SMEs. It provides details on the relevant food and waste markets and market segmentation based on waste reduction in different stages of the food lifecycle. Trends and challenges pertaining to sustainability, education, digital transformation and new business models alongside regulations focused on reducing food waste highlight opportunities in the market. Solutions are provided for opportunities in the space, developed through different ideation methods and validated using AI customer simulations, offering stakeholders strategic insights to navigate and capitalize on these evolving market dynamics.


  • 01Primary customers include small to medium
  • 02sized restaurants, grocery stores, and food producers seeking cost
  • 03effective and simple solutions for food waste reduction. Secondary customers could encompass local environmental groups and government bodies interested in supporting sustainability initiatives among local businesses.

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