Digital Solutions + Integrated Care Models

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30 Solutions Discovered including:

01 - Digital Solutions + Integrated Care Models

VirtualCare Telehealth Platform

A telehealth platform that provides remote patient monitoring services, including virtual consultations and health tracking for patients with chronic conditions, featuring a user-friendly interface for both patients and providers.

02 - Digital Solutions + Integrated Care Models

CrisisResponse for Healthcare Providers

A crisis management tool for healthcare providers that assists in the planning, communication, and resource allocation during health crises and emergencies.

03 - Digital Solutions + Integrated Care Models

GeneticFit Personalized Health and Fitness App

A personal health and fitness app that uses genetic data to tailor workout and nutrition plans for users, interfacing with healthcare providers to inform and adjust individual care plans.

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This report examines streamlining patient care through digital solutions for integrated care models. Research focuses on how to address challenges in data sharing, patient engagement, care continuity and interoperability between providers, including a snapshot of companies who are currently solving these challenges. Established trends of Telehealth and Virtual care are discussed at length, with close review on the data and security considerations of digitizing healthcare. A range of solutions are offered that address specific challenges for relevant stakeholders, insurers, patients, practitioners, with AI customer simulations for enriched ideas and strategic framework to transition from concept creation to application.

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