Increasing ROI of innovation

Identifying & Testing the best solutions for any company on any market and matching the best people to deliver them.

Research AI

All of the market intelligence on any space, at scale

Explore any opportunity space, discover trends, challenges, existing startups and VCs and get access to hundreds of relevant sources within minutes.

30 minTime from research INTENT TO OUTPUT
~300Sources per Research report

Discovery AI

Venture Ideation in any space within 30 minutes

FifthRow uses 14 different ideation methods and freely combines them to come up with viable solutions in market whitespaces. Solutions can include new ventures, services, products, or even product features.

5xLarger Idea Funnel than without AI
2xMore Selective than without AI

Market Testing AI

Faster data-driven decisions with instant venture tests

Real market feedback from real users via AI-generated landing pages (B2C) or decks (B2B) for AI-generated solutions.

1 dayFrom exploring a space to testing with real people
30Possible test sites up in the first day
100xFaster than traditional smoke testing teams
Energy ExpertInsurance ExpertHealthcare ExpertEx C-level Executive

Talent Matching AI

No blockers to go and execute any of the validated ideas

After the solution has been market tested and the decision has been taken to execute, FifthRow can find exactly the right people with the right skill set to do it successfully.

60,000Network of experts to be interviewed or hired
1:1Venture → Team
GlobalOur talent pool is global and with know-how in any industry


All sources are preserved and fully referenced so that you can dig deeper into aspects of interest

Ask Research AI

Ask any question you want, and the answer will be synthesized from 200-400 sources the AI found in the first step

Relevant Ideas

Utilizing 14 ideation methods, such as Design Thinking and Google Ventures Design Sprint, for market-research-based ventures.

Ranking on market viability & company alignment

Ventures ranked on market size, growth, and alignment with company strategy and assets.

For both, B2C & B2B

Optimized for B2C and B2B: B2C favors smoke testing with landing pages, while pitch decks and customer interviews are more suitable for B2B.

Seamless Delivery Team Matching

Teams of skilled professionals are matched to each venture, ensuring a swift and efficient start to project execution.

Ready to supercharge your innovation?

GenAI Innovation Operations platform, for research, discovery,validation and market testing of ventures built on 14 years of experience.

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