Digital Health Tools & mHealth + Remote Monitoring

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30 Solutions Discovered including:

01 - Digital Health Tools & mHealth + Remote Monitoring

RespiMuscle - Cross-Disciplinary Health Platform

RespiMuscle is a digital health platform that explores synergies between respiratory and musculoskeletal health, offering a cross-disciplinary approach to chronic condition management.

02 - Digital Health Tools & mHealth + Remote Monitoring

SeniorGuard - Non-Intrusive Remote Monitoring

SeniorGuard is a remote monitoring tool for the elderly that uses non-intrusive sensors and AI to detect abnormalities and alert caregivers, while maintaining the user's independence and minimizing intrusion.

03 - Digital Health Tools & mHealth + Remote Monitoring

Global Health Bridge - Cross-Border Digital Therapeutics

Global Health Bridge is a venture that focuses on the exchange of best practices in chronic disease management between regions like India, Southeast Asia, and the global market, fostering strategic partnerships and collaborations.

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This report dives into how digital health tools can be applied to remote monitoring to support patients with chronic conditions, recovering post-op and elderly needs. Examined through the lens of technological application and reducing long term healthcare costs through proactive management, it provides insightful details on market growth, opportunities, challenges with a focus on data management and post-covid needs. Solutions include leveraging data from wearables, community facilitation and remote healthcare integration. Enriched ideas take a deep dive into AI customer simulations, whitespaces, market potentials and marketing.

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