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  • Early adopter personas

  • Unique sales propositions

  • Key MVP features

Built by U+ with 14 years of trusted experience, relied upon by:

T-MobileGMOCiscoNRG EnergyMaan

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FifthRow ensures top-tier data security and privacy. Your data is stored in an isolated AWS instance, separate from others, preventing information cross-contamination. We strictly comply with SOC2 and GDPR, never resell your data, and maintain high-security standards to protect your innovation operations.

FifthRow elevates your decision-making and goal achievement processes. By automating initial steps, we allow you to focus on execution, enhancing productivity. Expect faster, data-driven decisions and quicker progress towards meaningful goals, all while maximizing your strategic and operational efficiency. With FifthRow, you can expect every team member to be 2-3x more productive.

FifthRow addresses AI inaccuracies by grounding every project in extensive data analysis from 200-400 varied sources, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Our human-in-the-loop system further checks AI outputs, significantly reducing errors and ensuring the reliability of the information provided for your strategic decisions.

FifthRow operates as a managed SaaS service, offering two main engagement models to cater to your specific needs: Usage-Based Model: Ideal for specific projects or trial engagements, offering flexibility and targeted solutions. Subscription Model: Suited for the continuous enablement of your organization, this model offers ongoing access to our platform and services.

FifthRow stands out for its rapid iteration and delivery capabilities. We start within days of engagement confirmation and typically process initial research to solution discovery and market testing in just a few hours. This fast-paced approach allows for quicker iterations and real-time result refinement, enabling decisions and innovations at a pace 100-1000x times faster than traditional methods.

The starting point with FifthRow is flexible. You can begin by simply indicating a broad market space you're interested in or by providing more detailed intake information such as specific problems, target geographies, target audience details, and any relevant company strategies or assets. Alternatively, we can also start from an existing internal idea and enrich it based with relevant market data.

FifthRow distinguishes itself with an end-to-end innovation solution. Unlike other tools focusing on isolated aspects of the process, FifthRow streamlines everything from market research to AI-enhanced market testing. Our platform has been built by seasoned venture builders from U+, who bring over 15 years of experience and success in bringing over 120 businesses to market. This comprehensive approach generates viable, on-demand solutions for any company in any market space, aligning with market viability and company strategy for optimal outcomes.

Our research is informed by three main types of sources: our growing database of over 10,000 sources, an average of 200-400 public sources per market exploration (gathered at the time of the project, assuring that the most up-to-date information is used) ranging from TechCrunch articles to consulting reports, scientific studies and governmental publications, and, lastly, any client-provided private information such as past or paid-for research or customer insights. This diverse and comprehensive approach ensures the generated solutions by Discovery AI are thoroughly informed and tailored to your specific context.

FifthRow is designed to provide relevant insights and viable solutions in any industry or market space.

FifthRow is built with integration in mind. Our platform can seamlessly blend into your existing processes and technological systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum synergy. We offer customizable solutions and API integrations to your data systems to enrich our efforts with private and most relevant data.

FifthRow offers a Proof of Concept (POC) trial period, allowing you to experience our capabilities firsthand. During this trial, we focus on an area of your current interest, providing you with a tangible demonstration of our process and results.

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GenAI Innovation Operations platform, for research, discovery,validation and market testing of ventures built on 14 years of experience.

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